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Monograph «Analysis of damage and destruction of technical devices»

The monograph deals with the reasons of arising of the incidents and accidents at the plants of chemical, petrochemical, refinery, oil and gas extraction industries and others. These reasons include wrong choice of material for construction manufacturing, defects of construction materials arising during the operation, improper operation, defects of construction materials arising during the manufacturing process, specific operation conditions. The ...

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Reference book “High pressure vessels and pipelines”, Vol.1

In comparison with the second edition (1999) of the reference book, the third one (2014) consists of 2 volumes. The book has been revised according to the requirements set in the law on technical regulation and Technical Regulations of the Customs Union, new State Standards (GOSTs), regulations and specifications. Comparing with the previous editions, the first volume contains much more ...

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Reference book “High pressure vessels and pipelines”, Vol. 2

The second volume (2014) concerns the vessels, apparatuses and pipeline manufacturing, recovery of the equipment with rejected defects and modern methods of its maintenance. The issues of quality control on vessels, apparatuses and pipelines manufacturing during the production process and repair are paid attention to. A large part is devoted to the technical examination, diagnosis and industrial safety expert review. ...

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Monography «Practical Diagnosis»

In this monography (2009) the most difficult and interesting cases of diagnosing the equipment of petrochemical, refining, pulp-and-paper and other kinds of production are considered. Also, the influence of various kinds of corrosion, type of stresses, and operation period on a technical condition of the equipment at high pressures and temperatures in hydrogen-containing environments and the other aggressive ones is ...

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The history of the Institute’s establishment is connected with the construction and development of the chemical and petrochemical complex in Eastern Siberia. By the government decision in 1949 the Irkutsk branch of the Moscow All-Union Research and Development Institute of Chemical Engineering was established in Irkutsk. In 1967, the branch was modified into an independent institute – the Irkutsk Research ...

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