2018 year

“Chemical and Petroleum Engineering” journal, № 1.2018 – Kabanova О. Е., Golodnenko D. S. “Strength and remaining life calculations of autofrettaged components of tube equipment and pipelines”. “Occupational Safety in Industry” journal № 2.2018 – Kuznetsov А. М. “Up-to-date Problems of Industrial Safety Expertise Quality”. ” Chemical And Petroleum Engineering” journal, №2.2018 – Pimshtein P. G., Barabanova L. P. “Strengthening of holes in ...

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2017 year

Engineering newspaper “Industry” № 2.2017   – Kuznetsov A. M. “ Stimuli of small and medium enterprises”. RISKNEWS/ All-Russian union of industrial safety experts, № 2 (6), April-June 2017 –Kuznetsov K. A. “The rights of expert organizations should be lawfully vested”. RISKNEWS/ All-Russian union of industrial safety experts, № 1 (5), January-March 2017 – Kuznetsov K. A. “An expert should keep learning”. –Kuznetsov K. A. “State ...

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2016 year

J. Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering, USA. Volume 51, Issue 9-10, January 2016 – V. K. Pogodin, S. Yu. Trutaev, V. V. Trutaeva “Development of Methods of Optimal Design of High-Pressure Releasable Connections”; – A. O. Murashov, A. P. Korchagin, N. Yu. Minenko, S. V. Demkin, and A. N. Yudin “Causes of Tube Heater (Finned Tube) Damage in the Production of Butyl Alcohol ...

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