Competitive advantages

At mature B2B market in lines of business the institute has many advantages in comparison with its peers:

  • Multidisciplinary activity (differentiation of services), which allows to solve needs of industrial plants and other customers wholistically.
  • Presence of intensive infrastructure: comfortable facilities for working comfort of employees taking into account fire safety requirements, corporate mobile communication of mid- and top-level management, local information network with access to the Internet, automatic telephone station of its own, material and technical resources (testing laboratories, gauges, equipment, measurement instrumentation), regulatory-technical base (library holding, regulatory documentation), archive, specialized office machines and equipment, car fleet of its own for employees’ mobility in solving production objectives.
  • Presence of core competences at the disposal of employees in the field of the Institute’s profile: experts in the field of industrial safety expert review, certification test experts, welders-specialists, engineers designing high-pressure technical devices (apparatus, vessels, pipelines), structural analysts, metallographers, NDT inspectors, design chief engineers with experience in design activities, project engineers in project work types (overall planning, utility networks, EC&I, technology, mounting, construction stage and so on), qualified management of senior staff, specialists with academic degrees, transactions recognized by engineering community, the results of which are used in routine practice during engineering challenges’ solving.
  • Functioning of quality management system certified for compliance with international standard ISO 9001 requirements allowing to provide steady quality of business processes, service processes oriented at particular services’ execution, manufacture of products demanded by the customers.
  • Application of licensed software tools (calculating, modelling, designing) for adequate, intrinsic and sufficient results generation during designing, construction, applied research conducting oriented at automation of these processes and productivity improvement.
  • Staff members, who share values of organization protecting their interests; co-workers transferring their experience to young ones, presence of competitive tone, respect for each other, concession of each member’s contribution in achievement of organization overall goals; interaction between colleagues establishes upon principles of sociability, respectability, mutual aid, leadership, mutual control.
  • The fame of the Institute at the municipal and regional level as an enterprise entity, as well as in the region and beyond, of being a specialized organization for the design of high pressure vessels and pipelines, a large expert organization in the field of industrial safety.
  • Interaction with academic institutions and other organizations, including research universities, to address issues aimed at creating innovative products and implementing it into the industry, bringing the results of basic research in the form of laboratory samples to pilote industrial designs, and adapting them to real industrial conditions.
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