Reference book “High pressure vessels and pipelines”, Vol.1

In comparison with the second edition (1999) of the reference book, the third one (2014) consists of 2 volumes.

The book has been revised according to the requirements set in the law on technical regulation and Technical Regulations of the Customs Union, new State Standards (GOSTs), regulations and specifications.

Comparing with the previous editions, the first volume contains much more information on high pressure vessels, apparatuses and pipelines design, materials used in their manufacturing and strength calculation procedures including the latest ones. The book includes new information and recommendations on the use of structural materials produced in Russia and in other countries.

The book shows the examples of how to calculate the stress state of construction elements with great wall thickness and complex shape, monolythic and multi-layer high pressure vessels, reactors, heat exchangers, towers etc. using previously developed and new programs like “FE/Pipe”, “NASTRAN” and other.

Price of the first volume (including VAT) – 5000 RUB.

(reference book, 560 p.)


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