Reference book “High pressure vessels and pipelines”, Vol. 2

The second volume (2014) concerns the vessels, apparatuses and pipeline manufacturing, recovery of the equipment with rejected defects and modern methods of its maintenance.
The issues of quality control on vessels, apparatuses and pipelines manufacturing during the production process and repair are paid attention to.
A large part is devoted to the technical examination, diagnosis and industrial safety expert review. A system that uses informational technologies and artificial intelligence for automation of performing industrial safety expert review, calculating of remaining life and generating expert reports is presented in the book.
The detachable joints designs are considered and the recommendations on their usage and technical state assessment are given.
The reference book contains the information that is necessary for making construction choice and designing the high pressure vessels and pipelines. It is intended for the specialists involved in designing, manufacturing, operating and technical diagnosis performing, as well as for students,
graduate and postgraduate students.
The price (including VAT) – 4680 RUB.
(reference book, 435 p.)

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