Research and development

Strength theoretical and applied research:

  • determination of the stress-strain state of vessel’s, apparatus’s and pipeline components, exposed to pressure and thermal effects (pressure up to 320 MPa and temperature ranging from -70°C to over + 450 °C);
  • temperature fields calculation taking into account the heat exchange with external and internal media;
  • design of vessels and apparatuses operating under the low-cycle and cyclic loading and creep conditions;
  • computational and theoretical research on increasing the service life of vessels, apparatuses, pipelines and other technical devices.

Applied research in the field of physical metallurgy:

  • corrosion-resistance and corrosion rates of materials subjected to hydrogen, hydrogen sulphide, ammonia hydrazoic, and other media under the pressure up to 50 MPa and at temperatures up to 550 °C;
  • corrosion effects (hydrogen saturation, nitriding, etc.) on the bearing capacity of apparatuses at temperatures from – 20 to + 550 °C;
  • impact ductility of steels and welds at the temperatures ranging from – 70 to + 600 °C on samples with various types of cuts and determination of their critical brittle points for calculating constructions on resistance to brittle fracture;
  • structure and mechanical properties of the material of equipment that has reached the specified service life;
  • coercive force of structural steel during the deformation and fracture (uniaxial tension and compression);
  • chemical composition of structural steels and non-ferrous alloys;
  • magnetic properties of various structural steels during deformation and fracture.

Development of the calculation methods for nonstandard equipment designing.

Investigation of process equipment vibration:

  • development of the methods for evaluation of safe operation life for pump and compression equipment and pipelines exposed to vibration;
  • calculation of dynamic properties of pipeline systems;
  • development of strength calculations software.
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