Manufacturing of non-standard equipment

Accomplishes custom jobs of private and corporate persons

  • Manufacturing vessels and apparatuses up to 15 tons of weight:
    reservoirs up to 25 m3 of volume, containers, autoclaves, shell and tube heat exchangers, strippers and also various nonstandard equipment.
  • Manufacturing ferrous and stainless steelworks of various specifying and any complexity.
  • Sheet metal pattern cutting with cutter or plasma arc cutting (NC).
  • Grinding, turrning and milling on machines with NC and up-to-1000-mm-diameter universal equipment.
  • We manufacture and restore of parts and assemblies for machines and units of imported production.
  • Also we do worn-parts recondition with hardfacing method.

Develops and products high and super high pressure fittings according to institute developments

  • Angle valves, back pressure valves, cutout valves DN 6 – 40 PN 320; DN 15 PN 2500 and manometer valves DN 3 РN 2500 intended to be utilized at process pipelines with super high pressure.

Products quick-coupled hub joints

  • Hub detachable joints DN 20…400 under nominal pressure PN 1,4…PN 320 and at temperature from –60 °С to +600 °С are intended for pressure tight joint of pipeline elements in high pressure equipment of chemical, petrochemical,refining, energetic and other fields of industry, also in mechanical engineering, shipbuilding and for transportation industry.
  • Hub detachable joints DN 100 under nominal pressure PN 40 and at temperature from –50 °С to +180 °С are intended to use in low pressure process pipelines.

Experimental-production basis comprises weld-assembling and mechanical departments.
Technical capabilities of weld-assembling department

  • elements for welding area are cut on gas and plasma arc cutting unit (max thickness of cut with gas cutter is 105 mm, with plasma arc cutting 20 mm (1));
  • special NC unit (wire diameter is 1,2 mm (2)) is used for elements’ overlay;
  • Welding capabilities:  argon arc (high alloy steels, aluminium, copper alloys and other), manual arc (carbon and low alloy steels), semiautomatic carbonic acid argon welding.

Technical capabilities of mechanical department

  • rotational machining on modern two-way NC machines with diameter 503 mm, length 500 mm;
  • machining of details with overall dimensions 850*520*560 mm at high-precision  machining  three-axis-controlled NC centre;
  • control software for NC machines is under development with the help of licensed software
    SprutСАM  (Master);
  • machining of details at turning machines with diameter to 1000 mm and max lehgth 5 m;
  • blank cutoff at band machine with diameter to 320 mm;
  • fabrication heat treatment is produced in heating furnaces and at induction system (max  heating temperature is 1150 °С, furnace load dim. 1200*600*600 mm).
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